The colors radiate channeling through your veins bleeding into the atmosphere floating like a gentle breeze brushing my skin everywhere at once seeping into my pores spreading like a fever until i’m saturated and i can’t take it anymore. . @The Milky Way   Advertisements

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When I’m always the one  walking next to you Just once in a while Try matching my pace too. . ©TheMilkyWay

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Holding on

Feels like I’m reaching for the stars While I’m chasing the taillights of your car As they disappear into the dark Just like the feeling of your arms Like the beating of your heart Feels like I’m trying to hold onto a dream While I’m pulling you back to me As the murmers blend into […]

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the half glass of water is  all that is required to  quench the thirst,  and the cover of clouds was  a necessary relief  from the scorching heat  due to the constant sunshine . ©TheMilkyWay

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You go out in the world  with a heart full of hope You hold onto something To fill the empty space within And when it all goes wrong Turns you upside down When you can’t tell south from north how do you sail forth? They say follow a star It can always guide you But […]

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Solar eclipse

Living in the ruins of a world invalid She cries all night in the lonely skies Only accompanied by the stars afar The dark blue canvass is where the moon lies  Reminiscing a world where he wasn’t alone The sun flashes his light to search for her In a world where he has to shine […]

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Brief Equinox

I would have never believed If you had told me this yesterday That in the depths of january I would find the warmth of may, But when the temperature had dropped Just like the leaves from the trees And in that brittle cold Floated along a springtime breeze, Before it all went numb again.

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