Greetings and goodbyes

Searching for a sanctuary A place to call home Looking for a haven I found myself in places unknown On the nights when I couldn’t sleep To the mornings that I couldn’t wake up When every day is like a daunting task I’m losing my strength to keep up Every day I should be getting​ […]

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He looked me at said, ” you haven’t changed at all. ” I know that’s a lie. I did change. I lost myself trying to fit in and blend with the crowd, I lost the way I used to be. I supressed my true self in order to escape the radar of people quick to […]

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 Here and Now

it doesn’t seem easy it should feel right everytime you look ahead all you see is the towering heights, of the expectaions you have to fulfil of the goals you have to achieve daunted by the mamoth task it seems easier to just leave, it feels like you don’t have any choice there’s nothing else […]

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Galaxies in her eyes

She has the stars in her eyes They flicker when she speaks They sparkle when she breathes And somehow, They turn brighter when she bleeds, They captivate you Like a sailor to a siren’s song You cannot escape To these glalaxies you are bound, And like a black hole The pupils pull you closer pull you inside […]

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Stoicism and Courage

Crying is not a weakness. Trying not to cry means that you’re trying to make yourself believe that the situation didn’t affect you, that you are fine. It means that you’re lying to yourself. I cry, because I am ready to Accept the fact that it hurt me and in hindsight, even if I saw […]

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Great affliction

While we keep chasing love We run away from heartache Why is it that Even dancing in the rain Fails to teach us the beauty of pain For it is the coldest of showers That exhilerates our souls And the deepests of heartaches Holds the power to make us feel whole. ©TheMilkyWay

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Your eyes glance over the books again And you wonder again if there’s something you missed And then you look at the bag again Wondering if there’s something amiss You check you pencil box again Rechecking whether you put the eraser You look at your watch again Checking to see if it’s working proper But […]

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