Death. The word that scares everybody. The word that causes a shiver to go up your spine. The word that leaves a contemplating silence in your mind. The word that you avoid thinking of.
Why is it so? Why does it scare us that bad? Is it the fear of the unknown, or is it the fear of leaving everything behind. Have you ever experienced someone near and dear to you dying? How does it feel? Does it feel like the world has just ended, dissolving into oblivion.

However, the world doesn’t stop, not to even acknowledge the loss of someone who brought the colours to someone’s skies, someone who was the light of someone’s world.

“What did he do to deserve to die?”- is the worst question you can ever ask. Really, what did you do to deserve to live?

People don’t just die, in the middle of their life, in the middle of a sentence, because technically, it’s not the middle of their life, it’s the end. Okay, that was not funny, but you get the gist.

See, Hazel from the world renown book The fault in our Stars believed that people die in the middle of their lives, in the middle of a sentence, but her story proved otherwise.
She lived more than any other seventeen year old may have lived at her age. She saw pain at it’s worst- suffered through cancer and had almost given up. However, she also saw love at it’s best – her parents’ support, Augustus’ love. She experienced both. Isn’t that what life is for – for experiencing pain and love. And in my opinion, she did it. Now think about it, was there more fault in her stars than there is in ours?

All the Bright Places is another one of those books that make you realise how beautiful life is and how enthralling it can be when lived with someone special. Finn ( that wound is still sore) suffered from mental illness, saw his father marry another woman, got bullied since middle school, fell in love with Violet.
Violet was in the car when her sister passed away, overwhelmed with guilt and depression, fell in love with Finn.
Violet gave Finn a reason to live. They both saw the best of Indiana, together. They both experienced that gravity-thingy, which was quite magical I must add. And Finn, he escaped through a wormhole to live in another parallel universe. He died with his adventurous spirit still intact, and experienced love and pain both. So we can concluded, he saw all the bright places before he died.

But what about Hazel after Gus and Violet after Finn?

Perhaps, it is greatest grief, after all, to be left on earth when another is gone
The song of Achilles

How do you mourn someone? Do you leave everything and spend the rest of your life remembering them? As absurd as that sounds, some people do it. Or do you accept it and try to move on? Does moving on makes you a bad person? Does it prove that you never loved them?

What if you die and your best friend can’t get over you? Won’t you hate it? Won’t you want him/her to move on and live their lives? I would. And if your best friend dies, s/he would want the same thing, if they truly were your best friend.

I believe living is the best way of mourning- moving on and living your life. I’m not saying that eventually you will forget them. No, you never will, never can. But you get used to it. That burning sensation will pass. Eventually, when someone around you mentions their name, you won’t burst into tears anymore. You will smile and reminisce all the good times. That life, the memories.

And death is not the end. For all we know, it may be a new beginning.



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