Being a Star

She is the kind of girl who disappears in a crowd. She’s pretty normal and sometimes she has a very strong urge to change that, but then she takes a look at the people who stand out, the people who shine. And she sees through the façade, the act of happiness and excitement when their eyes remain dull and blank. She sees the way they laugh and chatter, like the whole world was listening, and maybe it was. She sees the way they smile at each other, the hatred and envy shining in their eyes though not quite showing.
She sees the way they all hate everyone around them. And then she decides that she doesn’t want to live that way, she doesn’t want to shine like the moon, no matter how easy it may be.

She didn’t want to steal someone else’s light. She wanted to be the star, she wanted to create her own light, even if that means she won’t stand out.
Because when you’re standing in a crowd of stars, it’s hard to stand out unless you’re a moon.

Yet that need to stand out persisted.



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