Million little shining stars

She knew. She knew that we live as billion little specks on the earth. The earth was just a speck on the solar system. The solar system was just a speck in the galaxy. The galaxy, as well, was just a speck in the universe. And the universe was just a drop of water in the Niagara falls of the multiverse. Don’t you feel small now? Don’t you feel insignificant now? Constellations were the only thing that made her feel better. At least they used to.
Until the point she realized that the constellations weren’t actually the way they look. They just appeared that way because of the angle by which we see them.
From another place in the galaxy, they may appear entirely different. The sky wasn’t a wallpaper of two dimensions. There was a third one that we missed, the one if varied may make the sky look entirely different from the way we see it.
If we lived at another place, another belt of the milky way, there would be no Orion, no bear, nothing. Isn’t it scary? It was for the girl who spent her life watching the sky. It was for her when the stars were her best friends.
You see, they’re still not exactly the way we see them. The belt of Orion shows three stars that appear very close to each other. However, in reality they are located light years away from each other. She thought it was just like her. She may appear close to her companions, but truth be told, she was situated far away from them.
When she first got to know about the fact, she thought it was quite unfair. She kept thinking, trying to find the reason for which the universe deceived us. And then she realised that the universe didn’t want us to feel small. The universe didn’t want us to feel insignificant. And for that purpose only some millions of stars aligned in the night sky forming creating patterns and forming art. And in that moment, she felt it for the first time, how millions little shining stars had aligned just for her. And she felt even better than before.



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