When you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere

And you can’t deduce what your future will hold

When you’re questioning your own existence

And don’t believe in what the path will unfold

When you lose your sense of direction

And your inner flame seems lost

When you’re blind to what was behind and what is ahead

And you’re haunted by a million unseen ghosts

Don’t get lost in the endless skies

Don’t freeze on enigmatic grounds

Don’t let the ghosts’ whispers linger in your head

Don’t let them be the only sounds

When there’s no clue around, look inside

Don’t let the flame vanish from your eyes

The world is vast, but you are infinite

You hold the power to fly through the skies

Let your inner voice echo through the valleys

Let the reverberations chase away the demons

Let your eyes focus through the haze

Let the fire burn in your veins.




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