Unseen Relations

Just seeing him made her day better.

You must be thinking, she must be one of those girls who was obsessed with a boy but was too shy to admit it. Yes, she was. But she was a little different. She didn’t spin stories around her head where the boy suddenly realized that he had been looking at the wrong places all this time and that she was the love of his life.


No matter how magical that sounded, she knew that it was unrealistic. She knew that he didn’t know of her affections for him. And she wasn’t naïve enough to think that he might magically notice her. 

Wait, he did notice her! In fact, they talked very often.

Those talks just made her day. Those little sightings of him around the place. There was something about him that kept her captivated.

And there was nothing wrong with this. She knew that this was a road that ended with a cliff. She knew that there was nothing between them. However, she also knew that he made each day better for her. After all, wasn’t that the aim of life- taking it day by day, focusing on making each day memorable. This feeling was too enchanting for her to let it go.

Maybe one day, she would not be this happy seeing him anymore. However, till that day came, she wasn’t going to fret. Because no matter what, it was nearly impossible for her to control these feelings.


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