Your light was blinding at first. All I could see was the glow that surrounded you. Slowly, it began to shine over everything else and the only thing I could focus on was you.

Then my eyes began to adjust. Everything had become so bright now. It was all basked in your glow. Your light shown on every part. But now, I could see the shadows in the background, the dark edges holding the truths that would make it all disappear. Back then, I had ignored these shadows. And to stay far away from them, I came closer to you. Shadows had always scared me. They were the premonitions of the bitter endings yet to come. 

But then you disappeared. 

Suddenly everything was dark. I felt like I was blind. I was lost in the depths of the sea of shadows, and you weren’t there. You weren’t there to help me find my way. Yoh weren’t there to make the shadows go away. 

Then gradually, things started to become visible. I could make out the outlines now. And then this warm glow came fron somewhere. It was coming from inside of me. I began to raidate the light that I needed. And with that light, i lit up someone else’s world. And I never left them.


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