Why me?

There’s a time in everyone’s life, where you’ve been pushed down a cliff and you just cannot reason out how. There comes a point, when you have no idea what to do. However, despite of looking for a solution to get out, the only answer you want is to the question, “Why me?”

We have all been there.

Whenever you are at a time like this, know that everyone around you, the bullies and the bullied, the fakers and the loners, the cheerleader and the tomboy, the Quarterback and the nerd, all have problems in life. 

Don’t think that your problems are the worst of them all. Every problem’s equal. 

You may think that someone else has it easier, that whatever problem he/she is facing is easy to get past, but you don’t know how easy or tough the same problem is for them.

We’re all in the same game,

Just different levels.

Dealing with the same shìt,

Just different devils.

We all are different. Humans have variations, biologically and psychologically. Therefore, we all have different emotional and mental abilities. The same problems you’re dealing with, someone else might be able to get past them easier, someone else might not be able to get past them at all.

Do you ever feel like you keep having the same kind of problems over and over again?

Once, you face a problem, you get past it. However, you also have to learn from that experience. If you have truly learned, you won’t have trouble facing it again. Then it won’t be a problem.

Don’t question, “Why me?” 

It’s another hurdle before you.

You cannot make it disappear.

Don’t live in denial. Accept it.

Fight hard to cross it.

It’s not just you.




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