You’re so tired

Of this routine

Restlessness growing

Cannot keep it in

You dream of magic

Where things are pure

Where your heart dances

A place that can lure

Your mind and body

And leave all this weight

That you can’t seem to shake

Behind the gates

You dream of a place

Where you can follow your dreams

And create a haven

Made of love and peace

If provided with a choice

All you want to do

Is leave all this behind

And escape into skies blue

But please tell me this

And don’t you resist

To look inside your mind

Inside the forest through the mist

What’s holding you back

From creating your wonderland

On your very own world

Turning it into your dreamland

Wishes get granted

And dreams do come true

But it’s not that easy

There’s work you gotta do

All you ever do

Is run away from hard work

Protecting your heart from breaking

Behind these walls you lurk

Surrounding yourself with barriers

Creating a bubble of protection

On clear waters you sail

Still treading with caution.


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