Shame on me

I fear that you might really know me

I gave you the pieces of my heart

As you wound yourself deeper into me

With every bit of ease you had from the start

Lulling me into a figment

Of the sense of security you brought on

Captivating me with your eyes

Bringing me hopes of a new dawn

Suddenly you told me that I was ugly

That I was every bit of weird and wrong

If you didn’t want me from the beginning

Why did you delude me for so long?

I cried from shame and desperation

You told me I was too blame

It struck me deep within myself

But you never quit your game

Left me alone stuck in a black hole

I was beginning to lose my light

But I pulled myself back from the gravity

In me there was still left a fight

Now I pulled my pieces back together

Formed a different whole from them

Where I became everything you thought I wasn’t

And to you again I became a gem

You came back with those same eyes

The eyes that deceived me again

I let you see some parts of me

But hid some pieces within

Still not blaming you for what happened before

I had hoped for a better end

But you being you crushed me again

Before I could even begin to comprehend

Now here you stand right before me

Using those same eyes to bargain

Hiding behind another mask of innocence

Oh! I wont let you in again.


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