Music is an escape

A means of introspection

A silent grieving

A melody to the soul

It is present during weddings

It is present during funerals

It provides language to emotions

It gives expression to ambitions

There is always a song playing in my head. When I’m happy, I turn to music. When I’m sad, I turn to music. For me, the best part of the song, the one that sells it to me, are the lyrics.

 It’s not just a song, it’s a cry of the artist, the emotions exressed through words that tell us a story, which is ours to interpret, along with the tunes that represent the state of mind and heart.

Psychologically speaking, sound is the most efficient way of retaining a memory.

The song playing in my head is not going to stay there forever. One day, it will be lost within the cacophony of sounds that surround us. However, when I’ll listen to it after some time has passed, it will remind me of the time it was stuck in my head. It will remind me of the time I was trying to understand my place in this world, the time when I struggled with who I truly was, and the time when everything was alright after my mom cooked me French fries, when I goofed around with my best friend, when I was allowed to be immature and selfish, because I was just another teenager with no burden of responsibilities hovering over me.

That is how the music holds memories. I may be too young to have that life altering song experience. However, I’ve had my fair share of cherished moments stored within the tunes of a Song.

This post was inspired by two Daily Post Prompts: – Song  –  For this week’s challenge, tell us the story of your special connection to one song (or another discrete musical composition, from a jazz tune to a techno track or opera aria). When did it start? How has it changed over time? Does the song’s meaning reside in the melody, the lyrics, the performer’s voice — or some other intangible element? To help other participants and new fans find your response in the Reader, tag your post#DiscoverWP.

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5 thoughts on “Song

    1. Hi ChanterChar and ellenbest24,

      I agree with ellenbest24’s comment. For a 17-years old teenager, you have written the post and expressed yourself about the potency of songs very admirably. Well done!

      For this Daily Post Prompt about “Song”, you are both welcome to check out my three entries, which I have revisited and improved.

      Happy November to you! 🙂

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