She was late again today. For the past few days, she had been feeling quite lazy in terms of her job. It wasn’t her ideal job- sitting in the office and following orders, her boss dumping all her frustrations on her. However, it paid the bills.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t deny the lack of motivation she felt these days. All she ever did was eat, sleep, work and watch Netflix. Even on the weekends amd holidays, catching up on sleep was the first thing on her agenda. She never picked up the paintbrush anymore, nothing inspired her to.

Scurrying around the room, she searched for her scarf. It was a chilly day today, the sky overcast with clouds and cold breeze ruffled the autumn red leaves every now and then. Doing a little victory dance after finally finding her scarf, she hurriedly put it around herself and went for the door. However, after opening it, she came to a sudden stop. There, right in front of the door, sitting on her porch was a bouquet of flowers. 

Vibrant yellow tulips, her favourite ones, along with white daisies that circled around the tulips. On that cold, grey day, the flowers were like a break in the clouds, like that ray of sunshine that warms you like a hug that lasts for a long time. And it did warm her, inside out. A smile slowly spread across her face as she picked up the aromatic flowers, taking in their tranquil scents. They calmed her, made her happy and excited all at the same time.

 She wondered who would leave her such an  enchanting gift in the morning. She searched for a name and came across a card, but the card had no name on it, just a smiley face. She wondered who would send her flowers like this but that train of thought never finished because she suddenly realized how late already was. She quickly went inside and put the flowers in a vase with some water. She stood there for aa second, admiring them and feeling quite excited and lively. She walked to the metro with a skip in her step. 

Little did she know, that was the day her life would turn around completely. A drastic change was just around the corner.

©The Milky Way 


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