Kudrat (Nature)

She will come like the smell of autumn in the air, you didn’t know how much you missed it until it’s there. She will talk to you like you’re the only person in this world, making you feel significant and important. She will compliment your every nook and corner that you previously hid, insecure and unsure. But when you tell her that she’s pretty, she’ll smile but won’t really believe you. Just when you think you know her, she’ll do something so unexpected that you’ll always stay on the edge, never knowing what’s waiting for you behind the corner. And when you’re detached and forgotten, she’ll pull you back and hold your hand like she’s your anchor, saving you from floating away into oblivion. Her laugh will be merrier than the sound of wind chimes in the summer, and sometimes she’ll tear up. She feels too much, too deep and sometimes hurts herself on the way. She’s always on the lookout for castaways, not letting anyone feel lonely and sad. Her hugs will be the warmest, not just because she’s soft and warm but because her love resonates in them, and you’ll feel at home with her.




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