The sky breaks under the pressure

The coulds roar in anger

The water slides down the window

As I press my hands against the screen

How is it that every drop that falls

Reminds me of the sound of your laugh

And the reflections in the puddles

Remind me of your eyes when they twinkle

The smell of the rain

Reminds me of your fragile touch

You, you, you.

The thunder in the clouds

Reminds me of your voice

The flashes of lightning

Reminds me of your flickering mind

The dark grey sky

Reminds me of how you made me feel

You, you, you.

How is it that I can never get away?

You follow me around anyway

In the water that seeps into my shoes

In the darkness that creeps into my room

In the soaked leaves that don’t crunch under my feet

In the dandelions that forget how to bloom

Out of the walls and into the cold

Here I stand yet again

Wishing for it to feel different

As the water seeps into my veins

Under the clouds and into the rain

As it washes out the feel of you

Your smell and your touch and your face

From my memory and my brain

I am no longer bound by pain

Against the window pane I lean

Hoping that the rain will make me Clean




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