Galaxies in her eyes

She has the stars in her eyes
They flicker when she speaks
They sparkle when she breathes
And somehow,
They turn brighter when she bleeds,

They captivate you
Like a sailor to a siren’s song
You cannot escape
To these glalaxies you are bound,

And like a black hole
The pupils pull you closer
pull you inside her world
From up close to you it’s all a blur,


The stars make her blind
She’s already lost her mind,

Enchanted by the lights
You dont resist her calls
You don’t complain when she withdraws
You always catch her when she falls,

Don’t you realise
The stars are her only sight,

She never sees when you’re here
Never cries when you’re gone,

There’s only one place for her
One place where she belongs
Sadly, it’s not the comfort of your arms
But the vast expense of the universe beyond.



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