Selective few leave us enthralled

They don’t lie on the spectrum of normal,

It is not easy to captivate us humans

For us beauty is only possessed by the ethereal.


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I dream. Of seeing the ends of the universe, travelling to the ends of the world. Passing every known horizon and Getting sucked in by the gravity, just to return to the beginning of time. For me, this world just isn’t enough. However, it is enough for me to wait. My turn will came, just […]

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Distinct blur

Overwhelming emotions Unsorted feelings Emotional turmoil Under obstructing celiengs I climb on the balcony Lay on the floor Look at the stars Amidst the wind’s uproar Love, tears All my darkest fears The moments that occur They all seem like a Blur. And that is when It all comes into focus. . ©TheMilkyWay

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Astra inclinant, sed non obligant.

-The stars incline us, they do not bind us. They provide us with roads, but it is up to us where we go.

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The sky breaks under the pressure The coulds roar in anger The water slides down the window As I press my hands against the screen How is it that every drop that falls Reminds me of the sound of your laugh And the reflections in the puddles Remind me of your eyes when they twinkle […]

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From Embers to Ashes

A seven storied palace Brought down to ashes The edges and the corners still stand Flooded with memories and flashes Home of more than a thousand Five centuries of history  Of royal rulers and magic trees Demolished by a mystery A fierce story of a forbidden love That led to it’s demise A war between […]

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Kudrat (Nature)

She will come like the smell of autumn in the air, you didn’t know how much you missed it until it’s there. She will talk to you like you’re the only person in this world, making you feel significant and important. She will compliment your every nook and corner that you previously hid, insecure and […]

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